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Founded in 2003 by Jim Lauckner, J*Lis Management Consulting is a leading HR and Recruitment consultancy, serving businesses across a range of sectors.

Based in greater Philadelphia, we work with clients in Philadelphia, up and down the Mid-Altantic and Northeast regions, and across the country.

We deliver HR and recruitment focused services. Our client projects include process evaluation and improvement, all with a goal of improving delivering better candidates, shorter recruitment times, and higher retention rates – all of which improve your business’ bottom line financials.

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our approach

Our founder, Jim Lauckner, will personally meet with each new client and create a scope of work to meet the needs and goals of the company.

When a project is approved, one of our top consultants lead the project, and will schedule the assessment process with the company’s key people. Jim Lauckner spearheads most of our client projects, so you can rest assured that we are focused on your success from start to finish.

Our goal is to improve outcomes, establish new and acceptable processes, and then leave so that company management can accomplish its goals.

Jim Lauckner

Jim Lauckner

Management Consultant