we work across industries

At J*Lis Management, we deliberately choose to work across industries. We are able to leverage our HR and recruiting experience for a range of businesses in a multitude of sectors.

The following is only a selection of some of the industries in which our management consultants have achieved success:

  • Bio-tech
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism

We welcome the opportunity to bring our knowledge, skills, and experience to work for you in whatever industry your business is.

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What Our Clients Say


Our Credit Unions’ needs caused us to realize our firm’s opportunity for improved IT products and the creation of a new customer service department. J*Lis Management created new processes for Information Systems hiring. Then repeated the process improvements to create a new customer service department. Identified needed job positions, talent acquisition plans, hiring and making offers that increased acceptance rates.

professional services firm

An Atlanta based firm expanding to Philadelphia needed to recruit, hire and on-board experienced Management Consultants who were willing to work within a new business model for the Consulting Industry. J*Lis Management was able to overcome lower salaries for these positions compared to marketplace salaries and create a talent acquisition plan, hire new employees and on board them in time to meet clients demands. This engagement was so successful that J*Lis Management was asked to repeat the process in Washington DC, New York and finally Richmond.


An IT Consulting firm engaged J*Lis Management to convert their business model from IT staffing (hourly work) to full life cycle IT Project Management and Management Consulting. This year long project was done nationally.