HR & recruiting services

At J*Lis Management, our HR and recruitment consultants have decades of experience as recruiters, talent acquisition leaders, and corporate managers. We have worked businesses both in our own backyard of Philadelphia, and across the country – and we continue to work with clients locally and nationally.

Under the leadership of our founder, Jim Lauckner, we are focused on supporting businesses in their HR and recruiting needs. We specialize in helping business owners and leaders understand their needs and challenges and develop new and improved HR processes. We are leaders in training the company’s own team on their new methods. And we excel at implementing these new methods to achieve HR and recruitment goals.

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Our services provide an assessment of current practices in a reevaluation of current processes. This assessment will provide a clear picture of where the time and energy is spent to achieve the current level of results. This assessment can be used to consider and decide which processes need to be re-engineered.

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process improvement

Creating or re-engineering the sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and retention processes is the cornerstone of improving a business’ ability to have the best workforce. Streamlining these processes with the right people, the best tools and an approach that aligns with a company’s culture is a key to success. Enabling every employee to believe they are a representative of the company, and every hiring manager to promote the organization are easy beginning steps to process improvement.

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Training employees involved in these processes and implementing change that aligns with culture and mission is the crux of successful improvement. This is also a key area for maintaining employee retention – which, in turn, lowers the cost of attaining the best workforce.

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Post implementation and follow-up by tracking key measures, often using existing staff and management to create this reporting, guarantees the continued success and ability to pivot when needed. This adjustment could be due to internal or external changes in the market, supply and demand of talent, or change in product and service offerings.

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Just need to fine tune a few things or need a fresh set of expert eyes to help make improvements? J*Lis Management Consulting can provide hourly consultants to work with your C-level executives to make these adjustments.